Beaufort Patriot Tea Party

About Us

Who are we?


A grassroots organization with no political home


A non-profit, non-partisan group to promote the education of correct principles that pertain to our local, state and federal government and help voters make good decisions on selecting Constitutional candidates that will vote for the people and not the party.

An effective organization to translate ideas, beliefs and principles into action that brings effective change. To create a confederation of local, autonomous Tea Party groups that join together into a network that allows for synergy being created from the groups working toward a common objective, based on universal beliefs. What is needed is a way to sustain a movement over time and across issues.

To carry the conservative Constitutional message to our younger generation.

The seminal way to affect these objectives is to TURN OUT THE CONSERVATIVE VOTE. Voter turnout will control the outcome of most elections and the future of our Nation.

We are NOT a political action committee for any party, candidate or organization. We do not make political contributions, either direct or indirect, to candidates or parties. We DO provide voter information and leave it to each person who they support and how they support individual candidates or ballot issues.

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